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Medicine Use Reviews
Medicing Use Review

Do you have any questions about your medicines?
Do you know what your medicines are and how to take them?
Are you getting the best from your medicines?
Our pharmacy branches now offer a free, convenient and confidential medicines review service.
A medicines use review is an opportunity for you to discuss with the pharmacist any issues or concerns you may have with your medication.
A review will help you find out more about the medicines you are taking, how they work and how to take them in the most effective way. It will also help us pick up any problems you may be experiencing such as side-effects or interactions with other medicines. You may be able to ask any questions you may have about your medicines.
Our pharmacies have been accredited by the local primary care organisation to provide this service and our pharmacist has undertaken additional assessment.
Pharmacists are healthcare professionals with a degree in pharmacy and an expertise in medicines. They have an extensive knowledge of both prescribed and over the counter medicines. The government has recognised the value of advice from a pharmacist and is providing funding for medicine use reviews.
Our service is free of charge and will be held in a private consultation area in the pharmacy where you can’t be overheard by customers or staff. Anything you say will be kept in the strictest confidence.
At the end of the review, you and the pharmacist will agree on an action plan. None of your medicines will be altered without the agreement of you and your doctor. You will be given a copy of your review and a copy will be sent to your GP. We will keep a copy securely in the pharmacy. We are strictly limited in the number of reviews we can undertake each year, so make sure you do not miss out.
If you wish to bring a friend or carer to the review or if you wish to have a chaperone present please let us know when you are booking the review.
Please bring along all your medicines including those prescribed, those you have bought over the counter, herbal medicines, vitamin supplements and so on.
If you have used these pharmacies regularly for the last 3 months and any of the questions below apply, please contact/ speak to our pharmacist or use the contact form as below.
Do you regularly take prescription medicines?
Do you take medicines for long term illness?
(E.g. asthma, arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy)
Have you left hospital recently?
Have there been major changes to your medicines recently?
Have you any concerns about your medicine?
Have you been using this pharmacy for at least 3 months?

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