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Flu Service

Flu Service

If you have ever experienced flu, you will know it’s a lot more uncomfortable than a bad cold. Although in most cases flu causes moderate illness, it is estimated to be more responsible for more then 18.000 deaths a year in England and Wales.

What is flu?
Flu is a highly contagious respiratory infection. It spreads easily from person to person when some one with flu coughs, or sneezes and the virus is transmitted through the air by droplets.
Why should I get a flu vaccine?
It is the single best way to protect yourself. And if you don’t have flu, you can’t spread it to those around you.

How does a flu vaccine work?
It will stimulate the first wave of your body’s natural defences and create antibodies that will help defend your body from the types of flu virus found in this year’s flu vaccine.

Do I need to visit my doctor for a flu jab?

No. our pharmacist has been fully trained to administer your vaccination in the comfort of a private consultation room, at a time that is convenient for you.
Will a seasonal flu vaccine also provide protection against swine flu?
Yes. This year’s seasonal flu vaccine contains the H1N1 flu virus strain which causes swine flu.
So if you can’t afford to be ill this winter, ask about our private Flu Vaccination Service. It’s quick, convenient and easily available today at our pharmacies. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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